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From the point of view of tourism the Úz Valley is not taken advantage of. For this very reason there are no luxury guest houses, hotels, so tranquility, stillness and fresh air provide all the conditions needed for relaxation and recreation.
We recommend coming here to people who like and save nature, who wish to take a journey to the past, and to those who do not long for sauna relaxation or a swimming pool, and accept the conditions of farm life.



- 7-14 days of rest in a Csángó wooden house with a bathroom, furnished with painted Székely furniture, free of television

- Cart tours – to Lesőd, Kászon, Egerszék and to the Úz Canyon

- Trips to the Millenium Border, a national historic site

- Horse-drawn sleigh rides, skiing and sledging in winter

- Horse riding

- Visiting sheepfolds

- Making cheese

- Bread-baking

- Mushroom gathering

- Wildlife watching and photography

- Herb gathering

- Raspberry picking

- Blueberry picking

- Honey extraction

- Entire body purification treatment

- Folk games and trades

- Telling evening tales, learning folk songs

- Relaxation and curative massage



Hungarian Military Cemetery

Military Cemetery


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